The Yielding

Mark Moore Gallery
Opening March 26, 7-9pm
On view March 26 - May 3, 2015

The exhibition includes drawing, photography and a video installation. It is an interpretation of the landscape genre, here at the ghost end of Romanticism.The images counter a pictorial vanishing point with the intimate entropy of a horizontal plane. Rather than objectifying as other and thereby historicizing “Nature,” they entangle mythic with mundane, a sublime of limits. In Portrait, the skyscape overhead is overlaid with a charcoal rubbing of the ground beneath. The diptych Fire at Sea, a reference to Turner, captures a flat screen laid face up on the ground, ablaze in a spectacle of wreck and fire and sprayed with hose. Idaho presents a still shot of the open desert. The eponymous Idaho potato rolls across the horizon line and screen in that same flatbed orientation. The potato exits and re-emerges in time with an implicit loop around the gallery. The work conflates the landscape genre with portrait, media spectacle, and institutional architecture in turn. We inhabit the very environmental crisis we fail to see.

Portrait 1, Charcoal on paper,  70x45," 2015

Fire at Sea 1, Digital c-print, 32x55," 2015

Fire at Sea 2, Digital c-print,  32x55," 2015

Idaho, video still, 2015